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Motorola Admits Defeat in Race to 4G LTE



Today is not a good day to be a Motorola Xoom owner. In fact, it’s not a good day to be a Motorola fan in general. Let me explain. Earlier today, Verizon announced that it would be launching the 4G LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with pre-orders starting on June 8th. The Motorola Xoom, which was launched all the way back in February, still doesn’t have LTE capabilities and guess what? It won’t get them before the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Motorola Xoom

In statements made today at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2011 Technology Conference,  Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha remarked that his company is “late with 4G LTE on Verizon’s network” and again confirmed that 4G LTE wouldn’t arrive until later this summer.

What this means is that 4G LTE won’t be heading to the Xoom until Motorola releases the Motorola Droid Bionic, which as we know, will be coming in an entirely different package than the device we saw back at CES. So, instead of a May/June release, Motorola will now be launching their 4G LTE solutions after the party has already kicked off.

HTC, Samsung and even LG have beaten them to the punch and it’s obvious that Motorola has fallen behind the rest of the pack, a pack that it was arguably leading just a short time ago.

Of course, there is a reason for that and Jha made it abundantly clear at the conference. Without naming names, Jha inferred that the reason the company has fallen behind is because they bet everything in one place.

NVIDIA, he is looking right at you.

So, now is a good time to ask questions like? Did Motorola release the Xoom (powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2) too early? Looks like it. Will we actually see the current version of the Xoom upgraded to 4G LTE? Let’s hope so.

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  1. Matt

    06/15/2011 at 5:29 pm

    It doesn’t make sense to blame the Tegra 2, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is using Tegra 2.

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