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Motorola CEO Leaves Doors Open for Future Moto Maker Tablet



After a successful run at the highly customizable Moto X thanks to the Moto Maker studio, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside left open the possibility that the personalization options could potentially come to a future Motorola branded tablet.

When asked about a potential tablet, Woodside told Pocket-lint that this could be a potential for the future.

“We are looking at tablets,” Woodside said in an interview. “A lot of people have asked us to build a tablet using Moto Maker, to customise their tablet. There might be a day we do that, but the bigger opportunity for us is the five billion people without smartphones.”


Motorola was the first company to debut with a Google-blessed tablet when it came out with the original 10.1-inch Motorola Xoom tablet some years ago, the first device to run the tablet-optimized version of the Android operating system called Honeycomb. The Xoom was later followed by the Xoom 2 in varying screen sizes, but Motorola didn’t find much success in its tablet endeavors. It’s been a few years since the Xoom 2 has been available through Verizon Wireless in the U.S., and since then Motorola has not had a tablet on the market.

And despite Motorola’s openness in considering a return to the tablet market, it looks like this possibility will only happen further into the future rather than sooner.

“You need to focus. Or we could go next door and start building refrigerators too,” Woodside said. “We have to decide and convince consumers we stand for something and what we are focused on is the mobile internet.”

Right now, Woodside says that the company is focused on making smartphones. The Moto X flagship was recently released in Europe and Motorola’s more affordable Google Play Edition of the Moto G just arrived on the Google Play Store.


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