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Motorola X Phone: Made in the USA Label Points to Customization



The Motorola X Phone rumors claim a plethora of customization options will set the phone apart and a new FCC filing appears to support this rumor thanks to a big change in where the X Phone is assembled.

An FCC filing for the Motorola XT1058 showed up at the FCC last Friday showing off support for AT&T LTE and a design that looks similar to the alleged Motorola X Phone photos we shared last week.

Even more interesting than the sketch of the X Phone is that the FCC label is one we haven’t seen on a Motorola smartphone in recent memory.


Typically Motorola smartphones state “DESIGNED BY MOTOROLA ASSEMBLED IN CHINA”, which is what the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD FCC label states.

An FCC filing for what may be the Motorola X Phone points to a Made in the USA tag and customization options.

An FCC filing for what may be the Motorola X Phone points to a Made in the USA tag and customization options.

This is further evidence that this Motorola smartphone is the rumored Motorola X Phone, and that Google is planning to offer a myriad of customization options.

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Foxconn may still be the company which assembles the Motorola X Phone, but it is likely that the X Phone will be made in the USA, and not China. According to reports Google entered into an agreement with Foxconn to make Google Glass in California at a Foxconn facility. This could be at the same facility as Apple uses for the iMac. Foxconn operates assembly lines in California and Texas.

Foxconn is reportedly expanding U.S. operations to help U.S. companies offer Made in the U.S.A. products. Google made the short lived Nexus Q in the U.S.A. as well.

The internal components will likely arrive from overseas, but if Motorola and Google want to offers as many as 20 color options for the X Phone the company may be shifting to the U.S. for faster delivery.

An alleged Motorola X Phone leak.

An alleged Motorola X Phone leak.

Leaks of what appears to be the Motorola X Phone appeared earlier this month, showing a what could be AT&T Motorola X Phone with AT&T indicators.

Google may use Google I/O to announce the X Phone. A lengthy keynote is scheduled for Wednesday May 15th at 9 AM Pacific. Google typically announces new hardware at this event. Even though rumors point to a Motorola X Phone release later this summer, we could see the phone show up at the event. FCC filings typically appear shortly before an official announcement.

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