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Motorola Xoom 2 Hitting Stores By Christmas, European Price Leaked



The next Motorola tablet, the Xoom 2 looks like it will be making an appearance before Christmas, at least in Europe.

According to a leaked Carphone Warehouse ad, the Xoom 2 WiFi model will retail for 400 Euros (about $545) and will be available in time for you to “Give something special this Christmas.”

xoom 2 release date and price

Xoom 2 Media Edition Leaked Ad

Shown in the ad is the Xoom 2 (likely the Media Edition) with an 8.2″ Android tablet with 16GB of storage and sadly Android 3.2. We’ve been hearing about a November or December Xoom 2 release date, so the launch in time for the holidays isn’t a surprise.

Motorola is taking a gamble launching a Honeycomb Android tablet at this point, considering that the original Xoom might have Android 4.0 Ice cream Sandwich soon. On one hand, it takes time to make new operating systems work on hardware, but on the other hand, Google now owns Motorola’s tablet and smartphone division. Would it be unreasonable to expect a little collaboration?

The pricing is for the WiFi only 16Gb version, we expect to see the Xoom 2 Media Edition available in a 32GB size as well, and available with 4G LTE on Verizon here in the states.

When the Xoom 2 launches, it will face additional hurdles to success such as the Kindle Fire and consumer expectations of cheap tablets. The Xoom 2 Media Edition will need a $399 USD price tag to meet the consumer expectations for tablet prices in the states.

Are you looking forward to the smaller, sharper looking, Xoom 2 Media Edition? What’s the right price, and will you wait for Android 4.0 before buying?


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