MSI To Show Touchscreen Wind at CES2009 But Unsure if it Will Be Released

Not surprising that we’re going to see a few touchscreen Netbooks at CES2009. I mean after all touch is the future right? Anyway, MSI is planning on showing of a touchscreen version in a few weeks of both 10-inch and a 16-inch varieties.

But in an interview with Joanna Stern at Laptop Mag, Director of US Sales Andy Tung says MSI isn’t sure if it will come to market. Here’s the quote:

Is touch something you have looked at in the notebook space?
Yes, during CES we will display a 10-inch touch notebook and a 16-inch touch notebook. The Wind with the touch screen is something we are demoing at CES but we are not sure this will come to market. We will be gathering feedback on this, because we are not sure a 10-inch display is large enough for a tablet.

Got me scratching my head.

Check out the entire interview here.