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MSI Wind U115 Battery Life Stretched to 15 hours



Ju115-battery-testohannes of ran some battery tests on the MSI Wind U115 with surprising results. MSI claims the U115 will keep ticking for about 10.5 hours, but he was able to stretch it out to an even 15 hours by dimming the display to 30% and enabling the netbook’s solid state disk. At full brightness and the CPU at 100% the U115 ran for 5 hours and 31 minutes.

This is the best netbook battery performance I’ve ever heard of and is indeed a welcome surprise. I’m looking forward to hearing what kind of battery life the U115 sees in the real world, away from benchmarks.

The U115 utilizes both a 160GB hard drive and an 8GB SSD for improved power management.

via Liliputing

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