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MTI Micro Mobion Fuel Cell Nets 2,700 Hours of Continuous Use



We all long for the day when we’re able to use our devices more than 3-5 hours before a recharge, and MTI Micro is working to make that day arrive.  The MTI Micro Mobion Fuel Cell has successfully attained 2,700 hours of continuous operation.  MTI Micro is thinking fuel cell technology has a developing place in cell phones and will eventually replace lithium ion batteries.  According to the press release, a typical cell phone plan marketed to heavy users is around 3,000 minutes.  With a 3,000 minute contract, the typical use is only 1,200 hours.  Needless to say, the possibility of long-life devices is getting closer to being a reality.

"Our test results are a clear indication of the technical progress we have made on performance metrics including life, degradation, temperature, and humidity levels which are required to bring products to market in the consumer electronics industry. To our knowledge, there are no other published results that match ours," said Jim Prueitt, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at MTI Micro.

Learn more about how this technology works and the advantages.


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