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Multi-Touch Possibilities in Outlook



Sumocat has been talking up a storm in our Multi-Touch Scenario article, and went a bit further and penned this fantastic essay talking about multi-touch possibilities in Outlook. Sumocat does a really good job strengthening the argument that multi-touch can indeed be a great tool for business users.

Sumocat wraps up his essay with this closing thought, which I am in total agreement with (emphasis mine):

Multi-touch is a great advancement in user interface technology, but the key words there are ““user
interface”. Microsoft needs to explain how this enhances the existing user interface, not show us how it
works in new applications we’re not using.
Making ripples in a virtual pond is fun, but I’m not using a
virtual pool now. I use stuff like Outlook. Show me how multi-touch can improve Outlook, then I’ll be
interested in seeing what else it can do.

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