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Multi-Touch UMPC Anyone?



multitouch Engadget is reporting that AU Optronics is bringing out an 8 inch multi-touch display in a few months. Sounds promising if they can slap a digitizer on there as well so we can have some good inking!

Unlike the current touch panels in the market, AUO’s in-cell multi-touch TFT-LCD integrates touch function features into the TFT manufacturing process without adding an additional glass. In addition, it has superior anti-glare properties to retain proper image color saturation and readability in direct sunlight. AUO’s in-cell multi-touch technology has been successfully applied to 4.3-inch products and will be in mass-production in Q2 2008.

Or, could this be for a different OS than we normally think about using ink with…  humm  multi-touch 8 inch screen.  Only thing I see against it being in a Mac is the fact that it’s an untested product.  I don’t think Apple would do that.

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