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Music and a Tablet PC – Stop the Counting



Tablet PC Music Hugh Sung I’ve been following Hugh Sung’s blog for as long as I can remember writing about Tablet PCs. What I love about his stuff are the ways he highlights how practical and useful a Tablet PC can be for musicians. Look at his latest article as an example:

If there’s one thing about orchestral playing that i absolutely loathe, it’s the counting. I’ve been marveling at the seasoned orchestra players that can sit through 54 measures of rest and come in perfectly and with nary a bead of miscounted sweat! I’m sorry, I run out of fingers after “10”, and am too busy with pedals to start counting toes!

My solution? Don’t count.

Thanks to my tablet pc, I simply combined my solo part for “Carmina Burana” with the vocal score, allowing me to follow along without the headache of keeping track of long tacets (silent passages in music-speak).


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