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Must-Have Back To School Accessories for iPads



At my school, we use the polycarbonate Macbooks for educational purposes. But rumor is, we might change to iPads because of the cost. No matter how you get them, here are some apps, accessories and more for your back-to-school iPad.

The Smart Cover (Apple, Variety of Colors, $39 or $69, leather or polyurethane) covers the front of the iPad 2 and and lets you wake/sleep the iPad just by opening or closing. Using the Smart Cover you can prop the iPad up to use as a picture frame, a typing machine, or to watch movies. Although the Smart Cover may be good in some ways, it can be slippery or fall off. When you do gaming, such as Infinity Blade, the smart cover slips and slides.

You should also get your kids a keyboard case, such as the ZAGG keyboard case, for typing instead of using the “Not-so-smart” on-screen keyboard from Apple:

Something essential is a screen protector. Screen protectors are really good for your iPad because although it doesn’t protect the iPad as much as cases, if or when you drop it, and it breaks, the glass doesn’t come flying out. And it also cleans your ipad surface. You should get a screen protector that actually PROTECTS the device, like the InvisibleSHIELD from Zagg.

You should get some good headphones. Particularly for music lovers. I suggest WESC, Dr. Dre or Fanny Wang headphones for the iPad. On the cheaper side, you should get WESC. If you want the good sound quality, then you should get the Dr. Dre Beats. And if you want the best (material, accessories etc.) then you should get Fanny Wangs.


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