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Musubo Sneaker iPhone 4S Case Review: Perfect for Sneakerheads



The Musubo Sneaker case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S delivers protection with the flair of a sneaker tread design on the back.

If you chase new Nike’s for a hobby, this is an iPhone 4S case you need to check out.

If you prefer a different look, check out the Musubo Retro Case, with an exoskeleton or old car grill look and the rest of the interesting Musubo cases.

The Musubo Sneaker Case looks like the tread on the bottom of your sneakers, hence the name. The thick rubber material offers a lot of grip as you hold the phone, so you’re less likely to drop it even if you’re working out or have clammy hands.

Musubo Sneaker case comes with two sole plates

Each Sneaker case comes with a bumper and two “sole plates” meaning you can change out the back to match your mood or outfit. The case with black bumpers offer two optional colors pairs. You can get one with lime or purple or you can get backs in red or yellow. The rose bumper comes with pink and baby blue backs.

Musubo Sneaker Case

Put the back inside the bumper and then slide your phone into the case. It looks like you ripped up your old tennis shoes and made yourself an iPhone case. The rubber not only helps you grip the phone but cushions if you drop it.

You have to carefully insert your phone into the case so that all the button overlays fit perfectly. At first I couldn’t access the power button because it wasn’t lined up perfectly, but then I removed the case and reinserted the phone and got it right. I could easily turn my phone on/off after the second attempt.

Musubo Sneaker Case top

I like the grip and the optional colors. It feels good and still has a cool look. You even get a size (8 1/2) imprinted on the back like you would on many brands of sneakers.

Musubo Sneaker Case Bottom

I use a special cable to connect my iPhone to the DC port and auxiliary input on my Honda for charging while listening over my car’s stereo system. The cable connects to the iPhone dock. The dock connector is thicker than most and doesn’t fit the dock connector cutout on the bottom of the Sneaker case. That’s more a failing of my cable than the case. If you use a thicker dock connector like I do, then you might want to avoid this case. The Musubo Retro fits fine.

The case includes a loop along the upper right corner that lets you put on a wrist wrap or hang it around your neck. I don’t like the idea of wrist wrap or a lanyard to hold my phone so the loop just annoyed me slightly.

foldable stand

Musubo provides a stand in the package. It lays flat when you’re not using it and folds up to hold the phone in either portrait or landscape. I don’t use the stand much because it doesn’t hold the phone still when tapped.

I like this case, except for the fact that it doesn’t fit my car dock connector and the annoying loop along the upper right corner.

If you love sneakers, the Musubo Sneaker iPhone 4S Case is a good fit, and you’ll love the ability to swap out colors to match your favorite kicks.

You can get your Sneaker Case from Musubo at Amazon where they’re $34.95.




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