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My Best and Worst Technology Purchases



Rob Bushway EditorialI’ve made a lot of technology purchases over the years – some good, some not so good. What about you – have any purchases you wished you could take back or those you would like to brag on

My best technology purchases – the ones I would do all over again if I had to

My worst technology purchases – They either didn’t fit my work style, the promise didn’t live up to the hype, or I just caved to an impulse buy

  • Nokia N800 / N810 Internet Tablets – Yes, I’ve done a complete turn-around on the Nokia Internet Tablet products. I’ll share more on this in the coming weeks. Bottomline: without built-in SIM card support, I would have been better off purchasing and HTC X7501 Advantage. Windows Mobile solutions just have more in the box and offers better connectivity solutions. With no ability to tether to an iPhone or a Windows Mobile phone, the N800 / N810 series is better for those who have a regular phone. If it had SIM card support, I’d feel a little different, otherwise, they just sit in my bag / drawer.
  • Macbook Pro – too hot, overpriced for what you get
  • Linksys Media Center Extender – can’t stream movies that I’ve ripped from DVD
  • Ultimate Ears earphones – no matter what ear adapter I used, I could never get them to stay in and give that snug feeling. The wire needs to wrap around the ear and they just feel uncomfortable. Big disappointment
  • Apple Mighty Mouse
  • All bluetooth headsets for phones – they all make a person look like a dork, and I have enough trouble looking normal as it is. I don’t need a bluetooth headset to make it harder on me. I’ve got three sitting in my junk drawer right now.
  • MacMini – slow, never used it.
  • Treo 700W – had problems with it from day one and was a total impulse buy for me.
  • Nokia N95 – In my opinion, the N95 has nothing on a Windows mobile solution – from the interface, PIM, etc.
  • Any tablet pc / umpcs with integrated WWAN. I go through too many computers to lock my connectivity down to one computer.
  • Thinkoutside Stowaway Mouse – too small and uncomfortable.
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