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My current work set up



Some of you might be wondering what my current work set up is now that I’m running Vista on my Thinkpad Tablet PC.

I’m currently running Windows XP with IE 7 Beta 3 and Office 2007 on a MacBook Pro with Parallels Workstation. I have a 20” Apple monitor that I use to run XP full screen on, while the Mac stuff runs on the MacBook Pro display. Right now, that is where the bulk of my work is being done. On the Mac side, I run Flash, Dreamwever, MindManager, along with all of the other mac specific apps. I much prefer using those applications on a Mac. My My Documents folder is mapped to my Documents folder on the Mac, so I have complete flexibility on what programs I use to open files. It is a pretty seamless environment.  My experience with Parallels has been awesome. I’d highly recommend this setup to anyone needing to use a Mac, but also needing stable access to Windows XP at the same time. I’m spending about 60% of my time on the Windows side, and about 40% on the Mac side.

I’m also currently running Vista Build 5384 on my Thinkpad Tablet PC with Office 2007 on it. I’ll be upgrading to build 5456 soon. Prior to installing Vista on the Thinkpad, I was using it with XP and it was primarily a notetaking computer. I’ll be setting up OneNote syncing on the Vista Tablet so that it syncs all my OneNote files with OneNote on my Mac – that is so cool just to even say! My goal with putting Vista on the Thinkpad is see how productive I can work with Vista, help beta test it, and produce some good educational InkShows about Vista. By the time Vista rolls out, I want to have already spent a considerable amount of time on it, and have been using it as a production machine . I don’t recommend this to anyone, but it is important in the work I do on and my day job.

So, that is my current set up, but I reserve the right to change it whenever the latest gadget or technology comes out that I simply must experience and work through :-)

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