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My Customers Are Liking the New Motion Tablet PC



This has been a totally crazy week. I’ve spent more time on the road than I’ve spent at my desk.

Yesterday, I spent a half day at a cable manufacturing plant doing a bunch of SQL Server programming work. As I’ve been using the unannounced Motion Tablet PC for all of my note-taking the past two weeks, I had it with me during my visit there, too. I showed it off to the controller and he was duly impressed, to the point that he was asking me when it was going to be available, pricing, etc. He immediately saw practical use for the tablet in many facets of his business – from warehouse management to shipping / receiving to outside sales needing to communicate with the home office. I’ve been demoing tablet pcs to him for several years and this is the first time I’ve seen him that interested in buying one.

By the way, if you have not been following the comments in these two Motion threads ( here and here ), be sure to give them a read. There are some great comments in there, with some anonymous poster with inside info on the tablet pc giving a whole bunch clues – it’s been hilarious and fascinating to follow.

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