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My Desktop Mascots – what are yours?



  As you can see from this cute image, I have several desktop mascots that keep me company every day.  They are, from left to right:

  1. Tablet Guy – He’s been around for a while, and I must say he is a jealous and vicious little guy.  Keeps poking that pen at the other guys.  I may have to cut it off, then he would be “Notebook Guy”, right?  :-)  I keep coming in to my office in the morning and finding the other guys knocked off their perch, I am pretty sure this guy is the culprit.  Gonna have to leave the webcam on in record mode one night, just to catch him in a vicious act!
  2. Warner the Flying Monkey – This little guy can actually FLY (no kidding). He is the newest addition to my collection, and quite the amusing little partner at times.  He has been know to fly screaming across the house, just to entertain me, or to attack a passing cat that is giving me one of those “Ya — I know I am superior to humans” looks.  He and Splotch are buddies, and plan to gang up on Tablet Guy one day..  Oh — and by the way, you ought to hear him laugh — it’s awesome!  :-)
  3. Splotch – And then there is my very best buddy – SPLOTCH!  Not only is he the cutest little guy in town, he is the official mascot of this really, really cool, awesome, stupendous, professional (well…, you get the point) web site called  Splotch was the life of the party in Las Vegas, and took Matt and Eddie on quite a few cool adventures.  Between being arrested and handcuffed, gambling, flirting with showgirls, hanging out with Elvis (yes — he was there), and hitting the CES show floor, this dude really showed us all how to have a good time.  Can’t wait to travel with him again (MVP summit coming in Redmond in March — Look out Microsoft — Here comes Splotch!).

So those are my friends I spend time with as I blog, post, play with hardware, etc. at my desk.  Splotch is the only one I travel with though.  They get along okay as long as I am watching, but like I said, ya gotta watch that Warner.

SO who’s on your desk?  :-)

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