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My Family’s Impressions of the Kindle



Here are some initial impressions from my family after using the Kindle tonight:

  • Without showing any of them how to use it, they instinctively wanted to touch menu options rather than use the scroller to navigate and select.
  • My 13 year-old son, Dax, and 11 year-old daughter, Maggie, immediately commented how useful it would be in school if they could get all of their text books on it.
  • My wife didn’t think she would use it – she is an avid reader. She prefers real books
  • Everyone remarked how small and light it was, and how crisp the screen was.
  • My step-father told me that it wouldn’t be a good solution for doing a research, since he prefers to lay a lot of books out on the table at once. For me, though, it would be a good solution for that.
  • I told my wife it was a great device for taking somewhere like church, since it was quiet and I had the Bible on it. She asked me why I would want to do that.

For what it is worth – impressions from non-techie folks – folks I think Amazon is trying to reach with the Kindle.

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