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My Favorite iPhone 2.0 Apps



For those upgrading, buying an iPhone 3G, or upgrading their iPod Touches, here are my favorite apps that you might want to check out:

  • Remote – control iTunes on your mac / pc from your iPhone / iPod Touch. This media functionality is absolutely awesome.
  • Sketches – finger-based notes / sketches with cool stamps. Fun for playing around, taking quick notes, or entertaining your kids.
  • SmugShot – take pictures and upload directly to SmugMug
  • Loopt – track your location and update Twitter
  • Evernote: this dedicated app will kill their web based app, and adds tremendous notetaking features to the iPhone. They need to add finger based ink, though.
  • Twitterific – update Twitter with a dedicated app – nicely done
  • PhoneSaber – use your iPhone as a light saber – very, very cool!!!
  • Pandora – Listen to Pandora radio over your iPhone
  • Super Monkey Ball – My kids absolutely love this game and have taken to game playing on the iPhone very naturally. I think I see some iPod Touches in their future.

I’ll be taking a look at OmniFocus later in the day. And, of course, Exchange support is the killer feature. Honestly, it feels like I just got a brand new phone for free. I can’t think of a single reason why I’d recommend anyone get a Windows Mobile phone or Blackberry.


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