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My favorite pen – The PenAgain



I’m supposed to be off, but I couldn’t resist writing about a new pen that I’ve been using lately, called the Ergo-Sof PenAgain. I’m writing about it because I would LOVE to see it in a stylus and active digitzer format.

The Ergo-Sof pen is made by PenAgain, and it is ergonomically designed with rubber gripping and finger indentation for comfort, and let me tell you – it feels great to write with. It is honestly one of the most comfortable pens I’ve ever used. In addition to helping reduce stress on fingers, I’ve personally noticed that it also helps with writers cramp. How much better for us Tablet PC users if it were also available as a stylus and with active digitizer support!

There are a variety of colors ( red, white, blue, and black ) and pen types available: ballpoint pens, highlighters, permanent markes, and some with rubber grips. View a 3D movie of the pen here.

The pens retail from $1.99 to $3.99 each and you can buy them from Amazon ( affiliate link ). The pens come with 2 medium 1.0 mm black refills, and supports the following refills: Fisher – TripleAction, Schmidt- S600 Series, Staedtler – Multi Action, Cross – MicroPen, and Zebra – Pocket Pen4C

The PenAgain website states: We will be introducing a children’s pencil version, a dry erase, a mechanical pencil and hobby knife version in the coming months. If you would like to see something like this for the Tablet PC as well, visit the PenAgain contact page, or send them an email to customerservice at penagain dot com.

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