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My HP Repair: The Saga Continues



HP Compaq 2710p Okay, a great big update on the whole saga so far. Note that I do NOT have my HP Compaq 2710p back from the repair facility yet.

1/25: Called HP. Very nice person, very helpful. Sent me a box for shipping the system to HP for repair.

2/1: Day 1: Shipped to HP in the provided box. I photocopied everything, that goodness.

2/8: Day 8: First call for status. In repair, case escalated. Corrected spelling of my last name.

2/14: Day 14: HP rep unable to get a status update; the call center was experiencing “system issues” After about 25 minutes on the line, I was given an email address to get a status update. I emailed the address and never got a response. Ever.

2/22: Day 22: Claimed that I had been sent status emails on 2/19 and 2/21. I never received the emails. Offered to send me another email. Um, why, if the first two were never received, would anyone think that sending another is going to help? I suggest we verify my email address. It was wrong – same misspelling of my last name that was corrected on 2/8. Said the unit status was “being evaluated”.

3/3: Day 32: Day Status was “new system board needed” waiting on parts. Notice that it has taken more than 30 days for them to determine the problem, let alone fix it.  ETA 3-5 business days.

3/10: Day 39: New system board was installed on 3/8. Should ship within 2 days. Provided another, different, email address for status.

3/11: Day 40: If this were the Bible, at least the torment would be over. Alas, no. Receive an email update. (Wow!) Email says that I need a new system board and that they’re waiting on parts. Um, okay, there’s a conflict…

3/13: Day 42: System on hold waiting for a part. When I mention the status update from 3/10, I got put on hold while the person investigated the issue. When he came back, I was told that they installed a new keyboard (?!), and that they have received the new LCD (?!) and it should be ready in a couple of days and ship next week.

HP has had my system for nearly as long as I did before I had to send it in for repair. Overall, I’m pretty nervous about what I’m going to be getting back. I have no idea why they would replace the keyboard or LCD – both were functioning fine when I sent it in. Why would they need replacing now?

I’ve been running this as rather an experiment. Since I didn’t desperately need my system right now, I wanted to see exactly how long it would take for an average repair. This was a pretty simple problem, too. Given that I have a 3 year, business grade warranty on this system, I’m appalled at how long it has taken to have a simple repair done. I am equally, if not more, appalled at how badly HP has communicated the status updates on my system. That is not business grade service.

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