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My (Imaginary) Friendship with Steve Jobs



Steve, I was pulling for you. I really was. When your second leave of absence was announced, I knew you were on the decline. When you stepped down as CEO of Apple, I’d hoped you were getting away to savor the important things in life. Seems you had less time for that than I’d hoped.

I never knew the man. Never met him in person. But we shared a few laughs. Whether I was picturing him as Iron Man, storming the stage at the iPad announcement, showing him how to use a stylus on an iPad, or imagining what he could do in the future he’s lost, we had some good times.¬†Again, not in person.

Steve’s death means I’ll never get a real meeting to go along with the fake ones, but that’s okay. I will still treasure the imaginary time I spent with him and will always value what he accomplished in terms of making computing accessible and bringing it to the masses. He leaves behind a world brighter than when he arrived.

Thanks, Steve.

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