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My Lenovo x61 Tablet PC is now rocking XP TPC Edition



I know, I know – but I had to…  I’ve had the x60 (I still have it with Vista on it BTW) for a few months now and have been loving it for everything I have been doing, except being able to ‘use’ it at work.  Now that I have the x61, I decided to try and make it a computer I can use at work all the time… To do that though, I had to take it back to XP to get it on the network.  Plus, some of the tools I am using need XP and will not be upgraded for a long time.  So my migration is almost complete over to the new computer and we’ll see how it goes so after a bit. 

The are a few things I have been missing so far and some problems along the way, some may be little, but it’s amazing the things you use without knowing it:

  • Pen Flicks – used them more than I thought
  • Start Menu searching
  • I can’t get auto-rotate working just yet
  • Drivers weren’t all there for XP on the Lenovo site, but I found all of them (all but the Turbo Cache would install, but that’s won’t work under XP any ways)
  • I don’t miss the fancy graphics as much as I thought I would
  • Media Center – what a great feature in Vista to have Tablet PC functionality and Media Center all in one install

It’s only been since Friday afternoon, so I’m sure there will be more to come as I get into it, but this is just the start.

Oh, forgot to mention – I did make a partition so I could dual boot :)

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