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My M200 is on it’s way back? Could it be true?



After my woeful sounding post the other day about my Toshiba M200 hard drive crash, I decided to go online today and check the status of my repair. COULD IT BE TRUE? Is my M200 already on it’s way back to me? After having heard all the bad reports on Toshiba repairs, I was prepared for the worst. I was prepared for a 2 week minimum wait to get my primary road warrior tool back. But dare I hope it is true?

If you click on the image on the right here, you will see a full size image I grabbed using SnagIt of my repair status log at As you will note:

  • 5/15 – I called to report the problem
  • 5/15 – They shipped me a box at no charge via UPS 2nd Day Air (which was satisfactory to me)
  • 5/17 – I received the box, instructions, and prepaid shipping return label
  • 5/18 – I shipped it back to them with the prepaid label (2nd Day once again)
  • 5/22 – They received it at the depot (there was a weekend between there).
  • 5/22 – They diagnosed the bad hard drive, replaced it, reimaged it, and shipped it back on the same day
  • 5/24 – I should receive it back today. I checked the tracking number with UPS, and it says it is on the truck for delivery!

Now…, assuming I get the unit back in good condition, assuming it boots up and all appears to be well, I am one very happy Toshiba repair customer! I see nothing to complain about here folks! The only thing I would like to see changed would be to use overnight shipping instead of 2nd day, but I really am not overly disappointed in that personally. Toshiba did what they said they would do, they never “sat” on my process or equipment, and my machine is on it’s way back. Oh, and by the way…, this did not cost me a dime!

I know we tend to only get vocal about the bad stuff, but this time I need to say what I am thinking:


UPDATE:  My M200 arrived, in good working order.  Mission completed!

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