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My new mouse – Microsoft Natural Wireless Mouse 6000



Mouse6000I’m constantly on a quest to find a comfortable mobile mouse. Unfortunately, most mobile mice are pretty small and cause my hand to start hurting after a while. So, I pretty much stick with the desktop mice, which means they are usually bulky and use bulky wireless receivers. But they are sooo much more comfortable to use.

I’ve always liked the Microsoft branded Mice. They feel good, especially the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, the one I’ve been using up until now. I’ve tried the Logitech Mice, but Microsoft really nailed it with the 6000 series. I was quite content with my current mouse until…..

Well, I happened in to Office Depot the other day ( a dangerous store for me ) and saw Microsoft’s latest mouse – the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000. After trying it out for a few minutes, I knew that was my new mouse. It is the most comfortable mouse I have ever put in my hand -period. My wife described it best – it feels like a good shoe with a high arch support.  It sits high, but really comforms to the curve of the hand.  I liked it so much, I picked  one up for home and one for the office. It isn’t the most mobile solution, but if you need a good, comfortable mouse while away from your desk, I’d highly recommend it.

As comfortable as Microsoft’s desktop wireless mice are, they could greatly improve them for mobile users by designing a better wireless receiver. Why do they have to be so bulky? Why can’t they build a usb wireless receiver into the bottom like they do for their Notebook Mobile Mouse solutions. Or better yet, make them Bluetooth capable.

To do away with the bulk wireless receiver and assist in my mobile lifestyle, I’m using the small USB wireless receiver from my old Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000 with the Natural Wireless Mouse 6000 – works like charm and I don’t have to carry that blasted wireless receiver.


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