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“My One and Only OneNote”



Man those guys over at Microsoft are talented.  Chris Pratley, from the OneNote team (in the image on the right playing the OneNote official sax) has leaked the big news on his blog about a new official OneNote theme song:

What happens when you put together a dedicated Test Manager, a loyalty-inspiring hot product, and some talent for music? You get the next great underground internet music hit: My One and Only OneNote.

Mike Tholfsen, OneNote’s multi-talented, community oriented and fierce customer advocate Test Manager has crafted a hit with this one…… …… We have all been marveling today (when he sprung this on us) at how he worked in phrases like “XML APIs” and “merge and replication”. Mike, I bow to the prodigious display of talent. Now we just need a video. Anyone?”

Check out the lyrics and the music here!


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