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My top 3 Windows Phone 7 apps so far (Video)



I have been toying with my HTC HD7 nonstop since Friday. So far, 3 applications have impressed me the most. Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, and other free apps are really well done, but these 3 apps are apps that I was very excited to find on Windows Phone 7. I had said over and over, before I even knew they were coming that I felt like I “HAD TO HAVE” these apps. In fact, I mentioned them here last month. There are plenty of other apps that haven’t made it yet too. Pandora and Dropbox are a couple I’d like to see 1st.

What are they?

  • Netflix
  • Fandango

Well, they are here and I shot a 2-4 minute quick look at each of these apps:

Would you like to see more videos like this? Well, videos similar to these, only without a 1/2 asleep dude talking?

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