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My Windows Vista Manifesto



No links or quotes in this post from anyone but me.  Just a statement if you please.

I have watched the stories of all the folks riding the fence between Vista and XP.  One day Chris Pirillo is back to XP, the next he is on Vista again.  I hear a lot of people spending way too much time anguishing over this, and it makes me think about doing the same.  This thinking has got to stop for me personally. 

I see lots of people justifying going back to XP, and that certainly is their option. I am not going to justify it, explain it, or argue about whether it is the right thing for anyone else, but I am NOT going back.  What I am going to do is continue to move forward with Vista.  I have not found any app I MUST have that cannot run okay with it.  I am going to keep plowing the field ahead, and attacking the issues as they appear.  I have lived on this edge for many years, and no great harm has come to me yet.  I freely admit I have an XP machine that is there if I MUST do something that will not work in Vista, but so far my only reasons to do so have been because I have not wanted to take the time to REALLY solve the issue I am having in Vista or an unwillingness to part with that legacy thing that there is likely a better solution for anyways..  Call it laziness on my part, but I am not going to let that thinking hinder my progress any longer.

Thus publicly stated.  I will use Vista for production every day!

(At least when I am not using my new MacBook Pro Rob is insisting I buy). :-)

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