N-Trig shows off new gesture controls, two-handed screen operation

Got a tip in the forum that N-Trig is showing off a new system of multi-touch gestures exclusively through LAPTOP Magazine. Very impressive stuff, though some of us are sure to take it with a grain of salt.

The two minute demo video runs through some exciting zoom, scroll, and select features. A lot of it is two-handed for operation on a desk or other surface. Appears to be an overlay type of system, where your commands are interpreted by an application before being passed on to the underlying application. I especially like how the cursors show up as rings around your fingertips, as opposed to a tiny cursor under your fingertip. If you need to keep the cursors (and you know Windows is still cursor-driven), that’s the way to do it.

I am somewhat less impressed with LAPTOP’s knowledge on the subject. The author admits early on they were skeptical about touch computing and subsequently proven wrong, which is cool. Nothing wrong with that. I just don’t think it’s necessary to prove in the very next paragraph that you haven’t been paying close attention to the tech.

Ntrig isn’t the first to offer four-fingered multitouch as the Lenovo ThinkPad  T400s and T410s with touch support using four fingers at once.

You may apply your palm to your face now. For those who don’t get it, read this. (Sorry, LAPTOP, but someone else would have commented on that if I didn’t.) Regardless, this is a very good demonstration of what multi-touch can and should enable. Well worth the two minutes.