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N-Trig’s Engelhardt Interviewed, Standard Laptops With Multi-Touch Coming



With a lot of focus on multi-touch, Windows 7, and HP’s tx2 Multi-Touch Tablet PC, N-Trig has definitely been spending time in the spotlight these days. Crave’s interview with N-Trig’s Lenny Engelhardt gives some insight as to what 2009 might bring us tablet and multi-touch enthusiasts:

Although Engelhardt could not comment on which manufacturers N-trig is currently working with, he did say that we’d see standard clamshell laptops with multi-touch displays next year.

Engelhardt also revealed some upcoming features coming in their software:

“Next year, we’ll introduce an upgrade of onscreen keys known as multitouch buttons,” he said. Engelhardt was quick to explain that it would not be an onscreen keyboard meant to replace a laptop’s actual keyboard for typing, but a smaller set of keys meant to perform specific functions within an application.

Unfortunately, Crave’s Matthew Elliot didn’t touch on those pesky Dell Latitude XT / N-Trig issues that are plaguing many users. Definitely an interview worth reading, though.

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