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Naked Asus Pictures and Interesting Battery News From Asus



R2h_5_sOk, so I blame Kevin Tofel. This meme in the Tabletscape featuring “naked pictures” of hardware is becoming more than a trend. In the GBM Forums, forum member Blowfish, links to a thread on Laptop Review that features a series of photos of the Asus R2H in the raw. Follow the link trail and you end up at PROPortable which is a reseller that is not only carrying the Asus R2H, but posts news that the models available in the US “will ship with the optional double capacity 686mAh 48W/hr polymer battery instead of the the slightly lighter battery” that is being shipped as standard in other parts of the world. That translates into longer battery life (about 4 hours), so that is interesting news.

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