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Narrative Clip 2 Camera Unveiled with Better Image Quality



Narrative, the company behind the popular “lifelogging” wearable camera Narrative Clip, has announced and unveiled the Narrative Clip 2, which looks very similar to its predecessor, but includes better image quality, as well as a handful of other new features.

The new Narrative Clip 2 now features an 8-megapixel camera with a wide-angle range of 86°, allowing the camera to capture more area of your surroundings as you go about your day.

The new camera also boasts built-in WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth that allows you to access recent photos taken with the camera using the accompanying Narrative app for iOS, thanks to the ability for photos to automatically sync over WiFi.

Narrative Clip 2

The Narrative Clip 2 comes with only 8GB of storage, so the ability to easily sync photos to your phone is ideal in order to constantly free up space on the wearable camera.

If you’re not familiar with the Narrative Clip, it is essentially a small wearable camera device that you clip onto your shirt and it automatically snaps a photo every 30 seconds, candidly capturing your day. It’s not something that everyone will enjoy, but if you hate to miss anything in life and want your most important memories captured without needing to deal with a manual camera, the Narrative Clip series is the way to go.

Narrative Clip 2

As for battery life, the company says that the Narrative Clip 2 lasts for up to 30 hours on a single charge, which is enough to get you through an entire day before you’ll have to recharge, which is certainly nice.

The Narrative Clip 2 will ship at some point later this year, as there’s no solid release timeline just yet, but you can expect to pay $199 when it eventually launches.

As for the first-generation Narrative Clip, the company reduced its price from $279 all the way down to just $149.

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