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NBA 2K15 Trailer is 1 Minute of Epic Dunks & Great Graphics



A new trailer for NBA 2K15 doesn’t tell watchers about the game’s upgraded mechanics or improved simulation stuff. Instead, it’s nearly two solid minutes of upgraded graphics and dunks by high-profile NBA stars.

Publisher 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts revealed a new look at their upcoming NBA 2K15 basketball simulation this morning, on the eve of what’s expected to be a big twenty-four hours for sports video games. After all, Madden NFL 15, a football simulation, launches tonight in the United States.

nba 2k15

The video starts with a new look at the presentation users can expect from series announcers Ernie Johnson and former Miami Heat star Shaquille O’Neal. In those first few moments watchers get a look at the updated animation coming in NBA 2K15 when it launches on October 7th.

From that point on, the video goes off the rails, providing looks at everything from cheerleaders before the start of a game to players hanging out and riling up the crowd before a game begins. There’s light shows, high-fives and just about anything else those watching a real-life NBA game could expect. What follows is about a solid minute of slam dunks and ball dribbling as 2K Games gives potential NBA 2K15 buyers a taste of the visual upgrades they can expect. Everything from facial expressions to the way light bounces off user’s skin looks more vivid – provided users have the right hardware when they pick up the game.

The footage shown in the trailer is actually taken from NBA 2K15 for PS4. In theory, it’s also meant to showcase what’s possible in the Xbox One version of the game too. Xbox 360 and PS3 users will still be able to play the game without upgrading to a newer console, but it’s unlikely the game will look as good as it does in the video.

2K Sports and Visual concepts revealed NBA 2K15 earlier this year. In August the two confirmed that users would still be able to create their own five man teams and compete against each other in Crew Mode. That’s the game type that lets users pick five different players from across the NBA to compete against five other players from their friends. Think of Crew Mode as a way for users to get their own custom team without actually going through the trouble of setting everything up and trading for the best players. Crew Mode is meant to be something akin to a real-life pickup game.

A new MyLeague mode will also be included in NBA 2K15 for those who like to truly make things their own. In addition to customized rosters, custom season lengths, fantasy drafts, and trade negotiations, players will also be able to scout for new talent and ensure that their team meshes together.

Of course, sports games aren’t just about what comes on the disc itself. Extras are also very important. Users who pre-order NBA 2K15 will get 5,000 worth of virtual money to spend on extras for their player. Virtual currency was very hard to come by early in last year’s version of the game. Having this extra bit early enough should definitely help. Music is incredibly important to the NBA 2K15 experience and each year users get excited about the game’s included tracks. Songs from A Tribe Called Quest, Basement Jaxx, Clipse, Lauryn Hill, Public Enemy and Lorde will be included in the game’s soundtrack. The soundtrack is being put together by music producer and pop superstar Pharrell Williams.

NBA 2K15 arrives on store shelves for everyone on October 7th. Presumably, Xbox One and PS4 users will be able to buy the game online through Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network on launch day. It’ll arrive in disc for on the same day too for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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