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NBA 2K16 Release Pre-Orders Arrive



Slowly but surely, the NBA 2K16 release date is getting closer and closer. Starting this week, anyone and everyone on Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 who wants to place an NBA 2K16 release pre-order digitally can. For those that do, publisher 2K Games and video game developer Visual Concepts has some bonuses.

NBA 2K16 quietly began showing up in the Xbox Store for digital pre-order yesterday, just as it was surfacing on Sony’s PlayStation Network. The Xbox Store itself holds two different copies of NBA 2K16. First there’s the $59.99 regular copy of the game. This version comes with a 10,000 Virtual Currency bonus. Then there’s the $79.99 NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition pre-order, which we hadn’t heard much about until now.

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The digital NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition comes with a 35,000 Virtual Coins download for use in MyCareer Mode. Users who purchase this version as get digital version of Michael Jordan’s shoes to use on their player, an exclusive digital T-Shirt to use in the MyPlayer mode, a Jordan jersey also for MyPlayer, another 30,000 in Virtual Currency, 3 Emerald MyTeam Packs and a special edition moments.

Anyone who pre-orders the game on Xbox One now will be able to download on September 25th to take part in that Early Tip Off Promotion that 2K and Visual Concepts revealed a few weeks ago. Remember, the actual NBA 2K16 release date is September 29th, for those that don’t place a pre-order.

The versions of the game available in Sony’s PlayStation Store for the PS4 and PS3 mostly match what’s available in the Xbox Store, including the extra Virtual Currency and digital upgrades for NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Edition. What’s more, Sony is throwing in a special theme based around the game for PS4 owners. It’s not a big extra anyone should base a console purchase on, but it’s enough of an extra that users who have both the PS4 and Xbox One might want to consider purchasing on their PS4 to get.

Both the Xbox One and PS4 allow users to download games that they pre-order days before launch so that they’re able to play on release day. Gamers should be able to purchase NBA 2K16 during Early Tip Off Weekend and receive the extra Virtual Currency upgrades.

To take advantage of Xbox One and PS4 pre-orders you have to be comfortable with purchasing a digital copy of NBA 2K16. These copies live on your console’s hard drive and can never be traded or shared on another console without gamers having to log into their account on that new console. Disc-based games, like those sold at Target, Wal-Mart and GameStop, don’t have any of those limitations.

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GameStop is offering disc-based versions of both the NBA 2K16 versions available digitally. A disc based NBA 2K16 Michael Jordan Special Edition costs the same $79.99. A basic version of NBA 2K16 costs shoppers $59.99. GameStop carries all versions of the game, including the last-generation PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. This is great news for users who haven’t yet decided to upgrade to an Xbox One or PS4. Unfortunately, there’s no Michael Jordan Special Edition for gamers who haven’t made the leap yet.

NBA 2K16 will launch with on September 29th a slew of new experiences. For this release, film director Spike Lee is acting as producer. Lee wrote and shot footage for the game’s revamped MyCareer mode. According to him, the story he’s written better reflects the struggle and battle that comes along with making it to and in the NBA. Also included in NBA 2K16 is an upgraded soundtrack being produced by some of hip-hops most infamous producers, like DJ Premier. NBA 2K16 will have different curated playlists so that gamers can set their own vibe.

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