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NCAA 15 Release Missed By More than Just Gamers



Many gamers are looking for the NCAA 15 release date in hopes of playing a new NCAA Football 15 game for PS4 and Xbox One this year, but that’s not in the cards. If EA, the NCAA and college athletes weren’t in a battler over the use of their likenesses the NCAA 15 release would already be here and gamers could be playing as their favorite college football player now.

Gamers lament the lack of a NCAA 15 release on Twitter during, and they aren’t alone in missing out on a new NCAA Football 15 game.

It should come as no surprise that college athletes are also gamers, and recently several spoke out saying the lack of a NCAA 15 release makes training camp less fun, and others miss playing NCAA Football games on the Xbox or Playstation as their character.

Players wish for a NCAA 15 release, but are left with disappointment.

Players wish for a NCAA 15 release, but are left with disappointment. Aspen Photo /

After the NCAA Football 14 game, EA announced a break for the college football video game series, leaving fans without an outlet for their college football gaming.

The main issue is college athletes not getting paid for the use of their likeness in a NCAA Football video games. A settled lawsuit could mean former college players who appeared in NCAA games from EA are eligible for up to $5,000 per year they appeared in the top college football video game.

A new report from CBS Sports outlines the issue at hand, and how some college football players feel about the lack of a NCAA 15 release this year.

Chris Conley, a wide receiver with Georgia and member of the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee believes players should be compensated for EA’s use of their likeness. Conley tells CBS Sports, “Put it this way: There’s no way you can tell me that a guy who’s 6-3 from Georgia, has my skin tone and wears my number and lines up in the same place is not me in the video game,” explaining that the solution is to cancel the game or find a way to compensate college athletes. 

Gamers cannot count on a NCAA Football 15 release to play as their favorite team, and neither can the real players.

Gamers cannot count on a NCAA Football 15 release to play as their favorite team, and neither can the real players.

Other college athletes wish the NCAA 15 release was already here to help fill the time at training camp. Shaquille Mason an offensive lineman at Georgia Tech delivers a plain and simple demand, “Give us the NCAA Football 15,” telling CBS Sports that the college football video game is what, “would get us through the camp.”

Many other college football players quoted in the article express the desire to see a NCAA 15 release so they can play themselves in a video game. Andy Gallik, a center at Boston College, is happy to get his $250,000 education paid for by playing football and is, “a little disappointed the game is gone.” Gallik explains the joy of each new NCAA Football release, saying, “Every year all of the college guys would be excited to see our faces in the college game and pretend to be ourselves.”

Gamers on twitter complain of no NCAA 15 release, and hope an agreement delivers a new NCAA football game in the future.

Some unfortunate users, like one of the players interviewed, still don’t know that there is no NCAA 15 release in the works.

The use of a person’s likeness in a video game can mean big money. The new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare cast Kevin Spacey in an important role officially, but an earlier version is in trouble for using the likeness of Manuel Noriega.

And recently Lindsey Lohan sued RockStar Games over GTA 5, which features a character she claims is in her likeness. Call of Duty games are incredibly popular and the GTA 5 release set world records, with added cash incoming from the Xbox One and PS4 GTA 5 release later this year.

There are no other college football video games on sale, so it’s not like gamers can just switch to a different college football video game and enjoy their college game play. EA Sports is the only provider of football games on the Xbox and PlayStation, at least realistic ones that gamers want to play.

The Madden 15 release date arrives in late august with a fresh look and new Madden 15 features that could help deliver a more realistic experience, but for many it is no substitute for a NCAA 15 release.



  1. Tyler

    07/23/2014 at 4:09 pm

    This is so much bs. It’s a bunch of self-entitled, arrogant (so many words I want to use here but I won’t because it would be inappropriate) that feel like somebody owes them something. So many of these former players are looking to get money this way because they didn’t make it in the NFL. Some of them left school before they graduated because they wanted to play pro sports more than get an education. Yes I understand that sometimes there are external factors that result in a student leaving school to try and earn a living and help their families. Case-in-point being Meyers Leonard leaving Illinois to go to the NBA before graduating because he needed to help take care of his family. But that is one exception rather than the rule. There are more cases of these student athletes being more concerned about playing football than going to class and getting a degree. That’s because of the atmosphere that has been created surrounding the NFL. Back when football players weren’t making millions and millions of dollars, the only way to be able to support yourself as a pro football player was to also have a college degree so that you could have a real job if and when football ended for you. Now these kids leave school after 3 years and expect to make millions. Then when football doesn’t work out, they have nothing to fall back on. They have no college degree, they (often times) have no real work experience, then they want to blame someone else for things not working out the way they wanted. And football has this affect on college players more than any other sport (except maybe basketball). This could very well have to do with the fact that so many of these top players come from a situation where they didn’t have money growing up and when somebody offers them millions of dollars after 3 years of school, they’ll take the money rather than graduating because if they go back for their senior year, what’s to say they don’t get hurt and then cost themselves loads of money. Until it becomes a rule that players must complete their college degree before they are draft eligible, this is going to continue to happen and only get worse. As for the current student athletes that feel like they should be compensated, their compensation is a free education (at least for the big name programs, I understand that not all schools can offer all athletes a full ride). There is a reason that every sports video game on the market has a mode now where you can create your player and have them compete at the highest level; 99% of people will NEVER get to know what that is like. These modes are put on the games so that everyone else can feel like they have made it in the sports world. Most of us (the people buying the games) will never experience seeing our selves on a video game because we weren’t blessed to have the opportunity to play sports at such a high level. If I may speak for the majority of sports game players, it would be an honor and a thrill and a joy to see myself on a video game. I sure as hell wouldn’t be suing to get money because they used somebody that looks like me. I would love it.

  2. David

    07/30/2014 at 7:12 am

    Shut up man.

    • mickey

      06/16/2015 at 4:18 pm

      You shut up. Speak the truth.

  3. E.Rome

    08/03/2014 at 11:41 am

    It’s the American way….Everybody wants fast money, but none want to earn it.

  4. Tom

    08/03/2014 at 5:04 pm

    If you want to use my likeness, you better get my permission first. That is the right of the athletes. I’m sick of all the sympathy the current generation of Americans have for companies like EA. It is companies like EA that want money without earning it. The fact that they haven’t actually made a “new” football game in over a decade, and have even been sued by their own employees for not paying them is a strong case in point.

  5. Not Tom

    08/05/2014 at 8:27 am

    This link pretty much sums up player likeness…
    Every time they talk about “player likeness” and “image” I remember the amount of work the guys over at operationsports put in to actually create (user) accurate rosters. Removing dreadlocks, adjusting ratings, organizing an accurate depth chart, fixing bios– FOR ALL 120+ teams. If the players likeness was anywhere close, it woks by have taken 2-3 weeks to fix all of it.

  6. Jj

    08/05/2014 at 7:42 pm

    It’s a damn shame, they get a free top tier education and bitch about gettin paid for a game.. These universities take student athletes develop them into men give them a bachelors degree (most which don’t even show up to class) and also help them make it to the nfl.. It’s greed sum of these guys don’t even see the field but wanna get paid. Shit half these guys are gettin paid already and we don’t even know it.. Let’s be real… Now we all gotta suffer cuz these guys are more worried about gettin paid by this game then actually payin attention in class and showing up on the field.. It’s a bunch of bullshit they don’t work for ea sports! They play football and attend school that’s the definition of a student athlete not student employee!!!! They ain’t gonna pay the athlete so now we just lose a good game for no reason stupid ass shit

  7. Todd

    08/16/2014 at 7:00 am

    Great post Jj… NCAA FB was and is by far my favorite game ever hands down, it sucks we’ll never get another one. How hard would it be to send forms to each College and get the players to sign off??? If they don’t want on the game EA could create a player with a different number with similar Ratings… Problem solved Imo… These guys should be happy to be on the game, it’s free exposure. Almost like a virtual Combine.

  8. king kise

    10/04/2014 at 5:41 am

    All of you sound dumb. Don’t get me wrong I love ncaa more than Madden but kik at it like this what time do they have to go get money to support them self? Between football and class that can’t get a job and I doubt their parents have money to do all that and if any one got you anything it cold break a ncaa rule hell I want great but I remember playing a game then going home with no food hunger af so y not try and get some money when every one making millions of them?

    • mickey

      06/16/2015 at 4:27 pm

      its a game, if the game had your name and exact profile then I can see your case. plus NCAA players can not profit from the game they play period. Everyone has a choice to get a job, or go to school. you choose school. suck it up and focus on school to get a better job. Or, just quit school, and get a job. Nobody feels sorry for you.

  9. nate

    12/21/2014 at 2:01 am

    All about money its not like there education wasn’t paid for living conditions weren’t taken care of I mean really get the hell over yourself put on uour big boy pants and carry on with your life

  10. josh wheaton

    06/17/2015 at 9:13 pm

    So let me get this right. Instead of just making every player on the game the same (for example 5″ 11″ 160 pound white or black guy) you just don’t want to make a game. whats wrong with that then when you get the game get on espn or whatever look up the roster and create at will. duh. then they cant sue or try to get money cause its not them. really how many times have you downloaded a roster that somebody has made with all the names on current roster teams. its not hard to do it. ea just needs to find a loop hole and start making my game again. pretty simple if you ask me

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