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Need a recommendation on GPS for UMPC …



EogpsWhen I receive my TabletKiosk eo 17210 Ultra-Mobile PC, one of the first things I want to buy for it is a good GPS solution.  I have had the “tech-urge” for a good portable car GPS system for a while, and just decided this is the best way to do it!  I honestly believe this is going to be one of the killer apps for Ultra-Mobile PC’s, and want to start learning how this all works.

After Matt did his InkShow on GPS.Radar, I got even more interested in the concept, but GPS.Radar is not specifically what I need.  Here are the requirements I have, and what information I need recommendations on:

  • Bluetooth GPS unit with good battery life (I do not want to have to plugin wires everytime I get in and out of the car)
  • Really good PC software (I hear a lot of good things about TomTom software)
  • Portable (very, as in small)
  • Voice turn by turn
  • Additional cool features (not even sure what they may be, but I have seen some solutions that have mp3 capability, etc.)
  • Also interested in mounting solutions for the eo i7210 if you know of any options there as well

What have you used or seen?  What do you think would make this a good solution for me?  Since the i7210 does not have it built in GPS like the upcoming ASUS, I need an add-on solution.

If you are a vendor and would like to see me do an indepth review, I’d love to hear from you as well.

Awaiting great knowledge from readers!

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