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Need Attention? Buy a POP Phone



We found the perfect mobile phone accessory if you miss untangling phone cords and holding a giant receiver between your cheek and shoulder. The POP Phone plugs into an iPhone, or any other device with a similar connector, and operates just like most other headsets… minus the whole hands-free thing.

Besides acting as a conversation piece, the POP Phone ensures that you won’t lose your iPhone in your sofa’s cushions. It’s also sure to serve as a great conversation starter.

I’m not sure who exactly who Native Union, the company behind the Pop Phone, hopes to sell these things to. One of the company’s pitches is that using the device helps reduce radiation exposure since you don’t have to hold your mobile phone up to your head when using one of their blinged out devices. Of course you could get the same results with any old iPhone headset without embarrassing yourself and your loved ones.

Native Union sells the POP Phone in a variety of colors, but it broke out some extra special models for Showstoppers at IFA 2011 in Berlin. I just might have to pick up one of the sparkling gold POP Phones and see what kind of reactions I get back home.

Available direct from, the POP Phone costs $29.90. It’s just what you need if you want to make your mobile device a lot less mobile.



  1. Sona Gallery

    02/12/2012 at 2:45 pm

    mate, these things a good idea..forget about the bling, just from a practical point of view, remeber a lot of people have got rid of their land lines so these things for the home are outta your element…

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