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NetBook Price Wars: Is the MSI Wind An Early Victim?



One of the key features of Netbooks (or whatever you want to call them) is the price. What happens when OEMs can’t meet the low price threshold that has everyone excited?

It looks like the makers of the MSI Wind are about to find out as they experience some stumbles trying to meet the announced price of $499 according to Laptop Magazine. Apparently devices with the six cell batteries are being sold for $549 or more around the web. Laptop reports that MSI has told them that due to the rising costs of batteries and materials they did indeed have to raise the price. Some customers are finding their original orders for $499 cancelled by, and there is apparently some confusion in Internet purchasing land.

Who knows if this is sign of things to come for other OEMs or just problems MSI has to deal with, but it certainly will be interesting to follow as more Netbooks (or whatever you call them) begin to roll out.

Hat tip to jkOnTheRun

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