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Netflix Backtracks and Kills Qwikster



Boy, things must feel like a riding a roller coaster at Netflix these days. The popular service has both garnered praise and taken hits for trying to move more towards streaming video in place of its DVD by mail business. When it announced a price change customers were not all that happy. When it announced that it was splitting up the DVD biz from the streaming biz, creating separate websites, and giving the DVD biz a new name of Qwikster, customers got riled. Essentially this appeared to be a necessarily bumpy ride that was pointing to what many believe is the future. These kind of changes weren’t going to come easy no matter how they were positioned. These situations weren’t helped by seemingly poor communications from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Now, in what seems like the blink of an eye, Netflix has decided to backtrack. It has ditched the Qwikster DVD only part of the biz and is recombining things again. Customers will have one place to shop for streaming video or DVD deliveries. I’m sure the US Post Office is a bit happier too. Netflix is saying this is due to customer feedback and I’m guessing that’s right. All price changes are still in effect though.



  1. GTaylor

    10/10/2011 at 9:09 am

    Seems like the Orwell 1984 model of marketing to me. “Oh good they aren’t going to commit suicide by splitting their website in two; we won! Price increase? What price increase?”

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