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Netflix: No Plans to Support BlackBerry Devices



Not to rain on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 parade that has been going on this week but yesterday, Netflix confirmed some pretty grim news for both BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook owners by stating, on Twitter, that the company has no current plans to support BlackBerry devices.

That is an absolutely devastating revelation for a platform that is, in a word, fledgeling.

Clearly, Netflix and other high quality apps on both the Android Market and the iOS App Store are some of the main draws that are bringing people to devices like the iPad and the multitude of Android tablets on the market.

Netflix: No Current Plans to Support BlackBerry Devices

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BlackBerry’s App World is not on the same level and it never will be if companies like Netflix don’t release applications for it.

The response from Netflix was prompted by a customer asking, on Twitter, whether or not an application would ever be released for the PlayBook. And the news could not come at a worse time for RIM and the PlayBook.

Just a few days ago, RIM finally pushed out a major update for its tablet, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, that has actually, surprise surprise, been met with some positive reviews. The company also released some fantastic advertisements to accompany the launch.

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With native apps for email, contacts, and even support for Android applications, RIM’s tablet is more appealing then ever. But without the app support, the it’s going to be an extremely hard sell.

It’s certainly possible that Netflix will change its mind when the company rolls out BlackBerry 10 later on this year but we’re not holding our breath.

And you shouldn’t be either.

Via: Reuters

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