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NetShare Is On Again for iPhone Tethering



The case of the mysterious iPhone tethering app, NetShare from NullRiver has entered another chapter. At the moment it is back up in the iTunes App Store ($9.99) and folks are downloading it. There are instructions included for setting it up with a Mac, (and MacRumors has some detailed ones as well) but nothing included in the app for Windows. That said, here are some instructions for setting it up with XP from Matt, Rob, and I are trying to get this working on Vista tonight, but if anyone else gets it going, let us know.

UPDATE: This is getting a tad ridiculous. Apparently the app has been removed again with a message that says “The item you requested is not currently unavailable in the US store.”

Does the right hand no what the left hand is doing in Cupertino? I’m just asking.


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