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Never Miss a Call or Lose Your Phone with the Ditto Wearable



We’re only through the second day of CES 2015 but have already seen tons of cool products, devices, curved smartphones and wearable gadgets, but one from SimpleMatters called the Ditto is worth talking about. This little wearable device was a hot kickstarter wearable gadget last year, and is finally ready to be released.

Before you lose interest, the Ditto could actually stop you from losing your smartphone. That alone is enough to make this an interesting product worthy of your dollar, but it does a lot more than just that.

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The Ditto is a little wearable device you’ll almost never need to charge (every four to six months) and will help you never miss an important call, text, and will even alert users if they’re about to lose their smartphone by leaving it behind at a store or restaurant. Read on for more details.

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The Ditto is essentially a simple notification device that users will pair with their iOS or Android device. Once paired this little wearable device will vibrate for an array of different notifications and tasks, all managed by you, the user.

Of course our smartphones already vibrate and that option alone can sometimes be frustrating, but the Ditto has a few neat tricks up its sleeve. For one, it only needs to be charged roughly once every six months, and it’s completely waterproof. This means whether you’re at the pool, the beach or taking a shower, you’ll know when you’re getting calls or texts all from a quick vibration. This can be any notification, or customized with the Ditto app to specific contacts or notifications you deem worthy to be notified of.

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The Ditto can be clipped to your clothing, comes with pieces to act as a little hair accessory, watch straps and much more. If you hate wandering the house with your phone in hand, the Ditto can notify you of incoming calls, texts, and emails.

You’ll never miss a call from anyone, or never miss a call or text from that special someone or select contacts you’d like the Ditto to notify you of. Then of course, one of my favorite aspects of the Ditto is it’ll alert you if you leave your phone behind. No more leaving the house and finding out once you’re at work that you left it behind, and you’ll never lose your smartphone out in public again. A quick notification will buzz you if you go to far from your phone, and you’ll be glad you spent the $39 on the Ditto once it starts shipping in the next few months.

The Ditto comes in Black, White or Clear, and will ship with an array of accessories to wear it however you’d like. It’s available for pre-order now, and will begin shipping soon.

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