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New Acer Aspire R Convertible Notebook Arrives



Just as we start CES 2015, Acer has announced and unveiled an updated version of the Aspire R 13 convertible notebook.

As with any convertible notebook, this new Aspire R laptop can transition between a notebook setup and a tablet setup, but can also be adjusted into different positions otherwise, thanks to Acer’s Ezel Aero hinge. This allows the display to rotate into six different positions.

That’s not the new update, though. The biggest changes with this newer notebook is the addition of Intel’s new Broadwell 5th-generation Core processors, as well as the newest 802.11ac wireless specification, allowing for faster home network wireless speeds.

The new Intel Broadwell chips obviously deliver a bevy of significant improvements over the 4th-Generation Intel Haswell processors, including faster performance and much better battery life thanks to decreased power usage.

Acer R 13 - R7-371 angle to right

The Acer R 13, as well as its R 14 brother, were first unveiled at IFA 2014 back in September, coming with all sorts of nifty features, including 1440p and 1080p display options, Gorilla Glass 3 protection, solid-state storage drives, and support for an optional Acer Active Pen stylus.

The R 13 rocks a 13-inch display and measures in at less than an inch thin, while weighing just over three pounds.

It can be used in six different modes, which Lenovo has outlined below:

Notebook mode – provides a precise and spacious keyboard for maximum productivity.

Ezel mode – brings the display close for convenient reading and web browsing.

Stand mode – makes it easy to draw a flow chart, take notes, brainstorm with others or edit artwork. The stand is sturdy enough for drawing and other touchscreen interactions.

Pad mode – enables the R 13 to be used as a tablet for web browsing, playing games or watching videos. The screen fits perfectly in the chassis frame, so it’s steam-lined and easy to hold.

Tent mode – the ideal position when space is limited, such as an airplane’s seatback tray.

Display mode – good for viewing photos and video or playing games with others.”

Acer R 13 - R7-371 screen hover

As for the R 14, it sports a larger 14-inch display, but isn’t quite as versatile as the R 13, and it only comes with a 1336×768 display. However, the price of the R 14 reflects the limited feature set, with the cost starting at only $599, compared to $899 for the R 13. Just be warned that the R 14 did not get the processor update this time around.

However, the R 14 can be upgraded to up to 12GB of memory, whereas the R 13 is limited to just 8GB of memory. And some models even offer NVidia GeForce 820M graphics for better gaming. You can also slap in up to 1TB of storage if need be.

Be sure to stick around for more news from CES 2015, as there is a lot more to come over the next several days.

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