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New Angry Birds Space Trailer Reveals Little Yet Excites Us More



We only have two more days until Angry Birds Space launches. (At this point, I’m not going to even try to avoid the puns.) Today Rovio posted another new trailer that is designed to tease more than anything. It features a few extra snippets of gameplay and a hint at the storyline around the beginning of the game.

Nothing major, but still a bit of fun.

However, if you saw the NASA Astronaut Explains Angry Birds Space Physics video, you’ve seen most of what’s in the new trailer.

Just in case you haven’t been hanging out on Rovio’s YouTube channel breathlessly waiting for new content, you might have missed some of their other videos that went up late last week. These very short little teasers highlight how the birds we know and love will operate in space and introduces new birds and their powers.

I’m super excited for Lazer Bird, myself. He is going to do damage.

There’s also a new Ice Bird that will probably be a great asset in combination with the Blue Birds.

My favorite is the exploding Black Bird, and I have a feeling that isn’t going to change.

You can watch all of the teaser videos in a playlist below. Then be sure to wake up early on Thursday so you can get a head start on all the space race goodness.

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