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New Apple TV: 10 Exciting Features



The new Apple TV or Apple TV 4 packs a collection of exciting and interesting new features that we think will change how you use your Apple TV and in some cases how you experience entertainment.

After years without an update, the new Apple TV release is finally here. Starting on October 26th you can buy the new Apple TV from Apple and soon after at other retailers.

You don’t need an¬†iPhone to use the new Apple TV, but it sill make using it easier in some areas and you can use this to connect your iPhone to a TV.

Apple packs in a new TV OS software system for the Apple TV that combines with the hardware to deliver exciting new Apple TV features that we think you will like.

The new Apple TV is $149 with 32GB of storage and $199 with 64GB of storage. Apple includes Bluetooth connectivity, a USB Type C port for service and options to connect with WiFi or Ethernet. The Apple TV 4 connects to your TV with HDMI, sold separately.

Siri Control of the Apple TV

Siri Control of the Apple TV

The Apple TV now supports voice control, just like your iPhone. You can use Siri to find something to watch or you can use Siri to control playback. Just because you have a sweet new Apple TV remote doesn't mean you need to hold it all the time.

Tell Siri to play a game, find an action movie or Find me some funny TV shows and the Apple TV will respond to help you find something to watch without typing out a show name.

There is a microphone button on the Apple TV remote and dual microphones that can hear what you are saying even with the TV on. Of course you can also say the name of a show you want to watch and it will go right to it.



  1. macnificentseven48

    10/25/2015 at 12:59 pm

    I won’t be giving up my Roku 3s but it’s good to hear PLEX will finally be supported on AppleTV.

  2. Mike

    10/26/2015 at 12:33 am

    Why would I download any movies to the new Apple TV? I have an Apple TV 3 and play them directly from the Cloud; I’d figure I’d continue to this…will there be an option in the new Apple TV? As I am not a hardcore gamer, I’d think a 32GB is sufficient?

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