New Apple TV 2015: 5 Things to Know Now
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New Apple TV 2015: 5 Things to Know Now



After years without an Apple TV update the signs are finally pointing to a new Apple TV 2015 release that includes a plethora of new features and upgrades that can lure some users back to Apple’s home entertainment companion.

The Apple TV price drop in March doesn’t rule out a new Apple TV in 2015. Instead it is a sign that the Apple TV 3 is at the end of a cycle and that we are ready to see an Apple TV 4 with new features and services arrive in the near future.

As part of the long wait for the new Apple TV there are many rumors about what Apple plans to do with an upgraded TV device, and some of these are not likely coming at this time.

What you need to know about a New Apple TV 2015 update.

What you need to know about a New Apple TV 2015 update.

After a close look at the latest Apple TV rumors and the pending Apple Event in June 2015, the timing is right to revisit what buyers need to know about the new Apple TV.

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Nothing is confirmed at this point, but it is to the point that savvy shoppers should start looking at what the Apple TV update might bring in 2015.

New Apple TV Announcement

All signs point to a new Apple TV 2015 announcement at an Apple event in early June. In less than two weeks Apple’s WWDC 2015 conference kicks off with a major keynote that is likely where Apple will announce a new Apple TV.

The WWDC keynote starts at 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern and is scheduled to run for two hours. We expect that Apple will announce the new Apple TV 2015 during this event.

Apple TV Streaming Service

Expect an Apple streaming service as part of the new Apple TV update.

Expect an Apple streaming service as part of the new Apple TV update.

Part of the new Apple TV update will likely be an Apple TV streaming service that delivers Live TV for a monthly fee. This is like offerings from Sling TV and other streaming entrants. The Wall Street Journal reports that this service may not arrive until the fall and suggests that ABC, CBS and Fox would be part of about 25 channels bundled together.

An Apple TV service would work with the Apple TV and with Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad according to that report. At a recent conference CBS CEO Les Moonves told the audience that CBS will, “probably” sign a deal with Apple for a new streaming service.

The reason we may not see the new Apple TV streaming service until the fall is due to Apple’s desire to stream live local channels. Re/Code reports that Apple is still negotiating for these rights, which lines up with the latest statements from Moonves.

Apple may charge up to $40 a month for the Apple TV streaming service subscription. It is very likely that the streaming service will not work on the Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3.

Apple TV 2015 Released Date

The timing of WWDC 2015 and a potential delay for the streaming service leaves the New Apple TV release date up in the air.

Apple could deliver updated hardware with new features, a new controller and a new design in June so that sales of the current Apple TV do not slow down for months leading up to the streaming service.

Another option is to follow the design of the Apple Watch release and make the announcement on June 8th, but leave some details out with a general fall Apple TV 2015 release date. Apple could then choose to use a standalone event or a possible iPhone 6s release event tostart selling the New Apple TV this fall.

New Apple TV Features

Signs point to a new Apple TV remote control.

Signs point to a new Apple TV remote control.

Streaming isn’t all that Apple might add to a new Apple TV. The New York Times reports a New Apple TV update will add a new remote control with a touchpad. The remote will be slightly thicker thanks to the touchpad and two physical buttons. One rumor suggested Apple might add motion control for gestures, but this seems less likely than an updated remote control.

We could also see Siri arrive as part of the update to make controlling the Apple TV easier. With HomeKit, Apple’s home automation platform, Siri could also act as a control of a digital home by tapping into thermostats, lights and other systems.

With upgraded specs, a new Apple TV powered by an Apple A8 chip could deliver 4K video from Netflix and other services. We may also see more local storage to handle apps, 4K video and a DVR like option as part of the Apple TV streaming service.

Apple TV App Store

An Apple TV app store may remove the need to use your iPhone for many Apple TV features.

An Apple TV app store may remove the need to use your iPhone for many Apple TV features.

Another upgrade that could change the way we use the Apple TV in 2015 is the introduction of an Apple TV app store for apps and games. Right now users must run most apps and games from an iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV using AirPlay. When this system works it is great, but sometimes it is slow or laggy when playing fast-paced games. This also ties up an iOS device that the owner might need to use while a family member wants to play on the Apple TV.

A long rumored feature from 9to5Mac is that Apple plans to include an Apple TV app store on an updated Apple TV device that will serve as a hub for gaming on your Apple TV. Instead of relying on the existing Apple TV apps that Apple adds as it pleases, and that may stop working over time, this solution would allow users to download apps and games right to the Apple TV.



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