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New Apple TV Release Date Arrives with Online Orders



The new Apple TV release date was said to arrive this week, and like clockwork, the new Apple TV has arrived and is available to purchase now online.

The new streaming box was first announced and unveiled last month during Apple’s iPhone 6s event. The company showed off some of the new features of the device, but didn’t actually show off the actual box or new remote.

In any case, the new Apple TV is a complete overhaul over the previous generation, coming with an all-new remote that comes with a built-in trackpad, motion sensors, and a Siri button for executing voice searches, which is a big new part of the Apple TV.

The new set-top box also comes with its own App Store that allows users to download and install third-party apps from developers, rather than be stuck with only a handful of channels, like on the previous Apple TV. Users will also be able to play games right on the box and will be able to download these games from the App Store as well.


As Apple CEO Tim Cook said last week, the new Apple TV is now available to purchase online on Apple’s website starting at $149 for the 32GB version, and $199 for the 64GB model.

With your purchase, you can also tack on an AppleCare plan for $29, as well as buy an HDMI cable for $19. Furthermore, you can even add a $25 iTunes gift card to your order right from the purchase page, which we don’t see to often with Apple products, but seeing as how the new Apple TV could be the first Apple product in many users’ living rooms, a head start on some iTunes content would need to be in order.

Perhaps the biggest letdown is that an HDMI cable isn’t included in the package, where you’ll only get a Lightning cable and a power cable with the box and remote. This isn’t too surprising, since many products don’t come with an HDMI cable in the first place, but it’s certainly something that should be commonplace with products that use HDMI, especially if that’s the only way to connect it to your television.


The old Apple TV 3 is still available to purchase if you want the older generation, and it only costs $69, perhaps being the better buy if you only want access to streaming services and other basic features. It’s certainly a lower barrier-to-entry with this old model.

As for shipping dates and when you’ll receive your new Apple TV on your door step, it looks like Apple won’t officially ship out the Apple TV until October 30, when their next-day shipping won’t have it delivered until that date at the earliest. Otherwise, free shipping will get you a November 2 delivery date at the earliest. Of course, these dates could change of inventory changes drastically, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about waiting to buy the new Apple TV.

Apple will also be selling accessories for the new Apple TV, with a link to the page at the bottom of its Apple TV page, but it doesn’t seem to be live yet.

However, we already know that there will be third-party gaming controllers available for the set-top box, and we should see a ton of other accessories arrive in the future from third-party manufacturers. Gamers who want to play games on the box and use the included remote as a controller by using it sideways. It’s not the best solution, which is why we’ll see third-party gaming controllers for the Apple TV, but it’s at least a temporary fix for those waiting for a good controller to come along.

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