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New Battlefield Hardline DLC Release Details Arrive



Electronic Arts is ready to talk about Getaway, the upcoming new slate of downloadable content coming to its Battlefield Hardline shooter soon. The publisher revealed more about Battlefield Hardline: Getaway this week, and revealed that it’s coming to the Xbox One and PS4 in January.

Electronic Arts talks about the new Battlefield Hardline content this morning in a post on the game’s blog. Developed by Visceral and EA Dice, Battlefield Hardline’s story mode and multiplayer experience leave actual battlefields behind for the war between law enforcement and criminals. Electronic Arts teased an episodic format before the game launched, promising something more akin to a weekly crime drama than a typical linear story. Battlefield Hardline is available on the Xbox One, PS4. PS3 and Xbox 360.

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The Battlefield Hardline: Getaway takes the base game’s fictional War on Crime to new heights. Four new maps are coming with the content update. They are Pacific Highway, Double Cross, Train Dodge and Diversion. The blog post doesn’t provide a picture or description of each map, unfortunately. Joining these new maps is a single new game mode called Capture the Bag.

4 new vehicles are coming with Battlefield Hardline: Getaway. Also coming are 3 new weapons for the Mechanic Class of multiplayer characters and 4 new Legendary Camos. One of those new weapons has to be a red and yellow axe, which is pictured in the post.

To its credit, Electronic Arts isn’t leaving out basic Battlefield Hardline players. “In addition, all Battlefield Hardline players will receive a game update that includes new weapons and patches.” The company plans to talk about the new features, weapons and add-ons that everyone will get in an upcoming blog post.

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The exact Battlefield Hardline: Getaway release date remains a mystery. It seems that only those who purchased the Battlefield Hardline Premium subscription will get the Getaway update in January. Battlefield Hardline: Getaway Premium Edition is a season pass for those that already own Battlefield Hardline. $49.99 gets users access to every new piece of content that Electronic Arts releases for Battlefield Hardline. There are two content packages available for Premium subscribers today, Robbery and Criminal Activity.

On its own, the standard version of Battlefield Hardline now sells for $39.99 through the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store. Through December 15th, the Xbox Live Deals with Gold promotion has Battlefield Hardline Standard Edition selling for just $20. Battlefield Hardline sells for just $27 at GameStop for the Xbox One and PS4. With both Sony and Microsoft planning big End of the Year digital gaming sales, expect Battlefield Hardline to become even cheaper over the next few weeks — even if it’s add-on content doesn’t.


The entire Battlefield Hardline experience is set in Miami, Florida, during a drug war. Through some clever detective work and an endless string of gadgets, players figure out who is supplying drug dealers on the streets of Miami with guns and merchandise. Playing as a detective lets gamers flash their badge and de-escalate a situation or turn everyday citizens into another statistic. The choices that players make lead to different outcomes in the story.

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts added Battlefield Hardline to the list of games that users can rent for a low monthly or yearly price through its EA Access subscription service. $29.99 a year or $4.99 a month. The service also gives users access to any add-on content meant for the games that they download. EA Access is completely exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One.

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