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New Beta of Vista Battery Saver



Vista Battery Saver is just what its name says it is: A utility to squeeze as much life out of those batteries that you can. Basically it looks like a small control panel that helps you turn of Aero Glass features and the Sidebar when you switch to battery and then restarts then when you plug back in. I’m not sure how much juice this will actually save and I haven’t tried this out yet. According to LifeHacker the Windows Vista blog suggests that turning these features off will only save 1 to 4% of battery life. Tamir Khason, the program’s developer, states there is a whopping 70% savings with these features turned off. That’s quite a variance. So, I’m guessing it is somewhere in between.


In any case, Tamir is looking for feedback, so if you’re trying to squeeze some more juice out of those batteries give it a try and toss some feedback his way.

Hat tip to jkOnTheRun

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