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New Details for Ubisoft’s The Division Arrive



Besides staying alive and not getting taken advantage of by other teams, players of Ubisoft’s The Division will also need to watch out for the game’s ever changing weather systems and how they’ll impact their character. That’s according to a new blog post detailing weather patterns and more teased yesterday and posted today.

It’s on the The Division blog that Ubisoft finally shares some new details about the online game. The Division is both a single-player and multiplayer game. Large portions of it feature elements of a massive online role-playing games, according to Ubisoft. The game’s story centers around a team of operatives tasked with doing anything it takes to save what’s left of the United States after some sort of plague breaks out on Black Friday. Under pressure, the government itself collapses, leaving The Division as the only thing standing amongst complete anarchy. Every video shown to the public from The Division shows characters trudging around in New York City during the winter as it snows.

The DIvision PS4

Ubisoft says in its blog post that the world in this game is a “living environment.” The game’s development teamed worked to create a weather system that constantly changes, altering the tone of the game when it does. “When in a full storm, visibility is hindered, both for NPCs and the agent. Our worst storm conditions that can hit will affect aim assist and detection ranges for both players and NPCs,” the post reads. In short, weather will be more than just a visual effect. Taking on a mission in the right weather conditions can even be beneficial. The hope is that players will adapt to their surroundings instead of avoiding missions in more dangerous conditions.

To wait out storms, players of The Division can seek shelter in nearby buildings.

All of these features do require robust hardware, and that’s why older consoles won’t be getting The Division whenever it officially arrives. Only Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PCs are getting this game. Originally, The Division wasn’t even meant to launch in 2015. Ubisoft had planned to launch The Division in 2014. Allegedly, the engine that powers the game simply need another year’s worth of work.

Ubisoft has been very quiet about The Division and its features. Only a few trailers have included actual gameplay. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo the company showed off some online play that let teams of gamers complete a mission and earn rewards. A second team of players assist in completing the mission, but were cut out of the final prize because the first team turned on them. The sandbox nature of the gameplay is something Ubisoft is trying to highlight.

Players can completely customize their member of The Division. For example, there’s a skill tree that lets everyone prioritize what abilities they value most. Weapon drops, and other gear help differentiate each agent too.

Ubisoft set a final The Division release date for March 8th, late enough in 2016, that users will be looking for something fresh after spending the cold winter months will Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Halo 5: Guardians and Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft is planning a The Division beta for the game’s multiplayer experience sometime in December, if comments made at E3 2015 are still indicative of the company’s plans for release. Theoretically, we should hear more about the games features and missions over the next few months as the publisher seeks to build hype for that early 2016 release date. There’s already a podcast dedicated to The Division available online. Video game retailer GameStop already has copies of The Division available for pre-order online and in store.

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