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New Devices Showing Up In Geeks’ Hands



Hugo2It’s starting. A bevy of new devices are showing up in the hands of geeks. Which promises lots of interesting info, video, photos, and vicarious viewing. Hugo Ortega got his hands on both an Asus R2h Ultra-Mobile PC and an Asus R1 Tablet PC. He’s drooling a bit, but I’m sure he’ll calm down to give us all some interesting reports. And over at Propstm.Net, Matt has gotten hands on the Samsung Q1B UMPC.

Of course all of those in GBM land are anxiously awaiting Matt Faulkner’s reports on his new Asus R2h UMPC that ust arrived yesterday. Keep your eyes peeled here, for I have a feeling the cameras are rolling and we’ll see some interesting Inkshow video very soon. Right, Matt? Matt? Matt? Are you there? Matt? He must be too busy with his new toy.

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